Jun 042013

Mary (assistant) and students: JJ, Lesley, Chanity, Michelle, Ella, Ariel

On March of 2008 I attended my first craniosacral workshop in the small portacabin at the magical Florida School of Massage.  Now, 5 years and 2 months later I returned to the massage school to teach my first craniosacral workshop!

I have been assisting Hugh Milne workshops for 2 years; at the end of 2012 I completed the trainings and felt ready to venture into teaching my work.  I was particularly interested in teaching some of the gems that I had come across in my practice so I put together a protocol that would, over the course of 2 days, lead the students through the various aspects of this work.

Over the 2 days we talked about ways of touching, ways of deepening the perception of what is happening, and particular positions/postures for contacting key areas in the body such as the sacrum, the heart, the neck, the jaw, the head and brain.  A beautiful deep space was easily generated by the focus and dedication that each of the participants showed, I feel extremely grateful.

I can give you nothing

that has not already its origins within yourself.

I can throw open no

picture gallery

but your own.

I can help make your own world visible–

that is all.

- Herman Hesse

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