FSMCraniosacral Workshop

Working With The Craniosacral System Workshops

I lead one to two introductory craniosacral workshops per year.  These workshops are 2-days long, held over a weekend, and my aim has been to share all the insights that I receive throughout the years of working with clients.


The workshop is named “Working with the Craniosacral System” and the topics covered are:

– Basic history of this form of work (the main teachers who brought this work out into the world and what unique aspects each has focused on);

– Underlying theories used to understand this work (concept of Fluid Body, Tides, Fulcrums, Midline);

– Ways of opening to work with the Craniosacral System (ways of perceiving the client, developing your senses of perception);

– Technical holds to interact with, evaluate, and help align specific areas of the Craniosacral System (this covers hand holds and full-body holds, reason for those holds, intention that needs to go with those holds);

– Ways of working with the sensations that one feels (as a practitioner and as a client) when working with the Craniosacral System;

– Providing students with tools for their personal practice (tools for staying grounded and for deepening);

– Developing your individual way of working in this realm.

Photo from the 2013 workshop at the Florida School of Massage

 The next workshop will be held in Gainesville, Florida at the Florida School of Massage on April 12th and 13th.  Registration is $150 and this does not offer CEUs (I am at the beginning of the process of applying to be a CEU provider).



“This course was a life-changer for me. Not only did I learn linear information about working with the craniosacral system, but I was introduced to several other things: a way of being present, centered and compassionate that benefits me and the client in all modalities that I practice as well as my personal life; a way of “dancing” with the client – both following their lead and also gently taking the lead; and also working outside the parameters of regular “therapy” – otherwise known as thinking outside the box. This course gave me permission to do whatever my intuition led me to do both as a client and as a practitioner. It allowed me to use and cultivate all my different types of knowing. Bruno is an amazing human – one who impacted me greatly in only a few interactions. I took this course as a massage school student with lots of apprehension about whether or not I would be able to “get” the material. Bruno communicated utmost respect and confidence in me, encouraging me every step of the way. This course was also a lot of fun! As for not sticking to the times, we did run a little late, but we all agreed that it was too fun to stop! Bruno is incredibly intelligent, sensitive, funny, and organized. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to go deeper into their practice, whether they practice craniosacral work or not.”
Ariel Gibson – Florida School of Massage graduate

“Loved this course.  It spoke to me through every channel, stimulating my creativity, curiosity, inner wisdom and compassion for others, as well as for myself.  I am deeply grateful for the gift of this teaching and for Bruno’s quiet expertise, heart-led humor and exuberant intelligence.  Thank you..”
Lesley Gamble – Florida School of Massage graduate