Bone Meditations


Corpus Callosum GIFThe focus of these videos is contemplation of the anatomical forms. You will probably have already seen these bones in anatomy books or in other contexts; as you watch these videos try to see the bones anew, with no associations, seeing them primarily as just forms.  Simply allow for the form to be present in front of you and notice what details catch your attention.
As you gain familiarity with the forms progress to closing your eyes and committing them to memory. See the bone with your mind’s eye, see all the contours and details clearly; when you notice difficulty in the internal viewing then open the eyes and complete the picture.
Once an image begins to become clearly formed in your internal space then practice viewing that image as you lie or sit in meditation or as you lie down to go to sleep.  There is no expected result, these meditations may affect different people in different ways, simply notice what you notice.

All videos here were made by myself using anatomical modeling by Anatomography (BodyParts3D).

They take a lot of time and effort to make; if you like the videos then consider contributing through Paypal.  I really really appreciate contributions.

 Safe journeys.

Contemplation Videos:

Meditation on the Ventricular System

Meditation on the Medulla Oblongata

Meditation on the Pons and Cerebellum

Anatomical Contemplation of a Beauchene (or Exploding) Skull

Anatomical Contemplation of the Skull

Anatomical Contemplation of the Skull with Commentary

Anatomical Contemplation of the Sphenoid Bone

Anatomical Contemplation of the Frontal Bone

Anatomical Contemplation of the Parietal Bones

Anatomical Contemplation of the Occipital Bone,

Anatomical Contemplation of the Temporal Bones,

Anatomical Contemplation of the Ethmoid Bone,

Study of Articulations

Study of Frontal Bone – Focus on its Articulations

Study of Parietal Bone – Focus on its Articulations

Study of Occipital Bone – Focus on its Articulations

Study of Temporal Bones – Focus on the Articulations

Study of Sphenoid Bone – Focus on its Articulations

Meditation on the Diaphragm

Meditation on the Ribcage and Heart

Anatomical Visualization of the Heart

Anatomical Visualization of the Spine, by Bruno Ferreira


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  1. totally awesome bruno!!! xoxo

  2. Bruno,
    Thank you. I’ve been interested in better understanding and caring for the body; the description you provide and the visual video helped me to go deeper into this understanding.

    I appreciate your creativty and interests in the outer and inner and to creatively connect our star dust.

    with deep gratitude,

    your friend and fellow star dust,