Apr 242017

Dante Inferno

I’ve read Dante’s Inferno, en el mezzo del camino… but, in my opinion, he had always gotten one thing wrong and that was that hell wasn’t spinning.

Until recently I would have described Hell as {insert here the details} but it is spinning, constantly spinning, everything is going around and around and there is a constant sense of both being completely disoriented and nausea, the two working together to keep the participant rolling in crashing wave after crashing wave of physical and mental agony.
Until recently I would get dizzy after running in a circle twice while chasing my 3yr old teacher; with that dizziness would come the beginnings of nausea and that cold sweat and the sense of being overwhelmed by discomfort.  So it is with joy and great surprise that I find myself whirling and spinning on the spot, each morning, for 10 minutes at a time!  As I observe the contents of my room passing by me over and over and faster and faster until blurring speeds, and as I stay aware of my breath and my posture and my turning feet I am constantly and repeatedly amazed at what is happening.  How can this be?  And simply: WOW!

This feels like a door that had always been locked shut and kept in the shadows has been unlocked and brought into the light.  I’m excited to open it and explore.

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