Feb 052013
Bruno Anjuli 2


I want to start off by thanking all the clients who have been experiencing the Heart-focused sessions that I developed.  I will continue offering this package during February as well as introducing a new offering.
Anatomically we have been working with the clavicles, manubrium, ribcage, sternum, diaphragm; energetically the Heart is the realm of feelings and emotions.  Our work in these craniosacral sessions has been to physically release or unwind the Heart and bring it to the midline as well as to help the Heart be light as a feather – the ancient Egyptian requirement for the Heart to enter the heavens.

New Offering – The Eyes

Clarity of Vision The new monthly packages are guided by what I feel coming as well as what you, the clients, express interest in.  Sometimes I think the next month will be focused on a particular topic only to find, as the beginning of the month approaches, that something else is being asked for. This was the case during January when I thought the focus after the Heart was going to be the Diaphragm (psoas release, viscera, lower thoracic spine) but it turns out the focus will be on the Eyes.

I will continue to offer individual sessions in which we can focus on any area of the physical, spiritual, emotional body; these 4-session packages are simply a good way of giving focused attention to one area.

The Eyes: Our whole body is made of collagen or connective tissue, interlaced in a tight weave; the Eyes are the only place where this matrix changes its weave to a grid structure so that it becomes transparent instead of opaque.

For most of us the Eyes are the sense organ that guides our lives.  We take in the world with our Eyes, we watch sunsets, we look both ways at the side of the road, we fall in love at first sight; we use our Eyes all day and when we go to sleep our Eyes do not stop moving nor seeing.  If our eyes cannot see clearly, we lose clarity in seeing our path in life.

The promotional cost of these 4 one-hour sessions is $200 – $300 (sliding scale).

In these eye-focused sessions the main anatomical work will be around the bones of the orbit: frontal, maxilla, zygomatic, ethmoid, palatine, sphenoid and cranial nerves II, III, IV and VI.  Energetically this work is focused on your inner eye and your inner source of light, your being; it is concerned with questions such as “who am I in this world?” and “what do I bring and offer to this world?”.

It is hard to overestimate this work and I invite you to reflect on the following words:

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”
Matthew 6:22, King James Bible.

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