Jun 052012

Annular Solar Eclipse – May 20th 2012 – Credit: Charles Medendorp

On May 20th you and the rest of us 6.8 billion Earthlings were part of an astronomical syzygy, an aligning of three celestial bodies — the Earth, the Moon and the Sun.  Together with this celestial alignment came an eclipse, a moment of living in shadow; the temperature of the air changed, a breeze started to blow, birds began singing their dusk songs and people were brought into quiet introspection.

Carl Gustav Jung

Is it any coincidence that Carl Jung chose this same word — syzygy — to refer to a meeting of archetypal opposites?
We frequently strive for alignment in our personal lives.  To align our deepest joy with our work; to align our mind with our soul; to align thoughts with words, and words with action.  But how do we know when these instances of alignment occurs?  How often do we find ourselves in that very moment of syzygy?
Would you identify an eclipse as the indication of that alignment?  The darkness that you may typically shy away from as being the actual moment you have strived to achieve?

“Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our greatest treasures.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

As we now approach another celestial alignment — that of Earth, Venus and the Sun — shift the idea what your own syzygy should look like.  Make room for the cool breeze, for the introspection, and for the shadow.

Transit of Venus – June 5th 2012 – Photograph by David Cortner, Galaxy Picture Library/Alamy

A craniosacral session is the perfect space for you to work on your deep inner alignment, your meeting of opposites.  Where you can have a safe space and an attentive guide for your conscious journey towards meeting your dragons.

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