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Welcome, in this website you will find out about my life as a bodyworker and astrophysicist.  My focus is to help others through verbal and physical touch and to study and divulge physics and astronomy knowledge.

My bodywork passion is working with people who have an interest in deeply knowing and healing themselves.  I love working with athletes because they tend to have an intimate relationship with their physical body.  I love working with meditators and artists because they have an intimate relationship with the creative world.

How I work with each individual is different yet the tenants of my work are the same: to be gentle, to not push you or your body, to deeply listen, to encourage rest, and to speak truthfully.

I have been an athlete since the age of 6 when I started playing and training for both swimming and tennis.  Over the past decade and a half I have focused on yoga and rock climbing.  I understand the requirements for pushing the body’s limits and the maintenance athletes need.

Since 2005 a series of important events led me to study gentle forms of healing; inviting instead of pushing, and the value of rest.  Through my studies of the various modalities of craniosacral work I have developed a deep appreciation for stillness.  For this reason I love to work with meditators for those people tend to have intimate contact with stillness and subtle movements.  For more information about craniosacral work please see my page: craniosacral work where I try to give you a feel for what this work is like, where it’s healing potential lies, how it can help you.  Read some of the testimonials from my clients to get a feel for how other people see the work, view some of my craniosacral videos and interviews, and email me at bruno.malta.ferreira (at) gmail.com with your questions about this unique therapy.

In 2007 I had a vision of anatomical meditation videos that would allow one to go deep into their own anatomy and being.  Since that time I have worked on bringing that vision to life and have met many challenges.  I am very happy to say that this past year, 2015, has been a good one in terms of that work and I have a growing library of these anatomical meditation videos.  My Meditations page is where you want to go for that deep anatomical dive.

My bodywork sessions unfold intuitively based on what I sense and on what you say; the sessions incorporate gentle touch, deep and specific touch, elements of reflexology, and elements of craniosacral.

As an Astrophysicist I love studying the Universe and sharing that knowledge with others.  I have done outreach in formal settings as when I taught at undegraduate Astronomy at the University of Florida and then at Rasmussen college, and I love doing outreach in informal settings.  Here you can find my astronomy blog (which I used when teaching).

Take a look at my Appointments page to see what specific modalities I am currently offering and the rates I charge for sessions.

In the blog section I will be posting some thoughts, book reviews, interviews, and video clips that I find interesting or important.

Enjoy the content and stay in touch.

- Bruno Ferreira
bruno.malta.ferreira (at) gmail.com
510 470 8851